Making the Rules for Riverfront Development: the Workbook

This workbook has been designed to make clear the choices that Newark faces in setting the rules and priorities for development along its riverfront. Please download the section that interests you or the entire workbook. Email your comments to newarkriverfront [at], or watch this space for the next public meeting where these issues will be discussed.

Riverfront Workbook Introduction

Riverfront Workbook 1: Riverfront Overview

Riverfront Workbook 2: North Ward

Riverfront Workbook 3: Lower Broadway

Riverfront Workbook 4: Downtown

Riverfront Workbook 5: Ironbound

4 thoughts on “Making the Rules for Riverfront Development: the Workbook

  1. Laura Lomas

    I had no idea how close we are to the River in the North Ward. Why should only industry have access? We need parks near the river, with play structures and more public access. It would be helpful to know about toxic dumping over there, as the smells around there suggest that things are going wrong. As I grew up in Seattle, where the port provides a unique and beautiful site for Pike Place market and amazing waterfront dining and views, I hope together we can impress upon decision makers the need for vision about how to use waterfront in Newark to benefit everyone, especially residents of the Northward.

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