Wine on the Water Sails Successfully

On Thursday, June 30, the sold-out inaugural Newark Wine on the Water raised funds for Newark Riverfront Revival programs and brought together an excellent group to converse, relax, and talk about the future of the riverfront. Immense thanks to our sponsors at the Newark Downtown District and Lisbon Wines & Liquors. Special gratitude to Summer 2011 Tour Coordinator Alicia Rouault and Summer 2009 Tour Coordinator Sumorwuo Zaza.


1 thought on “Wine on the Water Sails Successfully

  1. Shivaun

    WOW! What an event! I recently took the tour along Newark’s Riverfront and it was amazing! A gem right in our backyard. The tour was educational, enlightening, and very entertaining. Damon Rich and his staff; Alicia & Sumorwuo, were fantastic. The Mayor’s staff and Councilman Amador should be commended for attempting to bring awareness to the river front and its possibilities to the community at large. Montclair State University welcomes the partnership for continued collaboration to make the water clean and safe for all residents to enjoy. Oh yes, a big thank you to Lisbon, you made the tour very special! Best,
    Shivaun Gaines, Director of Government Relations
    Montclair State University.


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