2 thoughts on “July River Jam

  1. Paul R. Schmitz

    The whole of your activities looks great, but it’s missing something. Canoes and kayaks! Do you, or does someone you know, run, sponsor, casually do tours of Newark harbor by canoe? Before I relocated to Maplewood from NYC I used to cruise that harbor and loved it. I’d appreciate any information you might have. Thank you, Paul Schmitz

    1. NRR Post author

      Paul, thanks for writing. There’s no organized hand-powered craft tours that we know of (yet), but there’s lots of interest in small boats in Newark, from Project U.S.E., a group that runs boatbuilding programs with young people, to the new 60-foot floating boat dock that we’re installing right next to the orange boardwalk funded by NJDOT’s I BOAT NJ program.

      But we want more! Please send any ideas. For example, we’d love to meet people who want to create youth rowing programs.

      Damon Rich
      Newark Riverfront Revival


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