Public Draft of Newark’s River Public Access & Redevelopment Plan

We are happy to release the public draft of Newark’s River: A Public Access & Redevelopment Plan.

This plan updates Newark’s municipal development regulations along five miles of the city’s Passaic Riverfront. It replaces fifty-year-old zoning regulations primarily planned for industrial uses and lacking specific riverfront provisions with a legal framework that allows new uses and mixes of uses, consolidates design standards to create valuable urban places, and provides for public access as required by federal and state law.

Download the draft plan here (PDF, 17 mb).

On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6 pm, there will be a public information session at Newark City Hall, 920 Broad Street, first floor rotunda. Please RSVP to (973) 733-3917 or newarkriverfront [at]

Questions and comments on the draft are requested by 5 pm on Tuesday, March 26, 2012 to the email or postal address below. For ease of communication, please reference the page number(s) your comment addresses.

Damon Rich, Chief Urban Designer
City of Newark
920 Broad Street Room 407
Newark, NJ 07102
richda [at]

After the comment period ends, a revised draft will be submitted for approval to the Newark Central Planning Board and the Newark Municipal Council.

For additional background, see the following:
Newark Riverfront Progress Report, August 2010
Draft Proposal: Newark Riverfront Development Framework, January 2010
Making the Rules for Riverfront Development: The Workbook, October 2009

3 thoughts on “Public Draft of Newark’s River Public Access & Redevelopment Plan

  1. harvey morginstin

    The document does not specifically include floating docks for transient boats and access ramps to these docks at convenient locations along the waterfront. The document does not site any locations for boat ramps.

    1. NRR Post author

      hi Harvey, thank you for your continued advocacy for boat access to and from the Passaic River.

      The Newark Planning Division shares your interest in promoting boat access, which is why we’ve included a public-access floating dock in our second segment of riverfront park. The dock, the first public boat access in Newark in decades, will be complete by the end of the year!

      The document you are referring to, Newark’s Riverfront: Public Access & Redevelopment Plan, contains zoning that sets the rules for private development along the river. It allows the construction of all manner of boating facilities throughout the plan area. It does not set specific locations for construction of boat access as it is not a plan for public improvements. Instead, it’s focus is on the rules for private development, so that it upholds a consistent vision, including continuous public access, with current public riverfront improvements.

      In the future, the City would like to produce a plan for public improvements along the river, including additional park, walkway, and boat facility construction. This plan would document the public parks already complete or in construction, and would explore concrete possibilities for expanded public boat access to and from the river. In thinking about such a document, we have relied on studies including the boating plan for the Lower Passaic produced by Jerry Willis and Tom Pietrykoski and the Lower Passaic Watershed Alliance.

      We hope this clarifies the intentions and scope of the current document.

      Damon Rich
      Newark Riverfront Revival


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