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Riverfront Zoning Advances

We are happy to release the latest revised draft of Newark’s River: Public Access & Redevelopment Plan (20 mb). This plan updates Newark’s municipal development regulations along five miles of the city’s Passaic Riverfront. It replaces fifty-year-old zoning regulations primarily planned for industrial uses and lacking specific riverfront provisions with a legal framework that allows new uses and mixes of uses, consolidates design standards to create valuable urban places, and provides for public access as required by federal and state law. Following the release of the public draft on February 27, 2012, a public information session was held at Newark City Hall on March 13, and public comments were collected until March 26. The following draft, released on June 4, 2012,  included many small changes made in response to these comments. A public hearing on this plan was held by the Newark Central Planning Board on Monday, June 11, 2012. This current revision, dated April 20, 2013, includes minor textual and graphic clarifications, has been submitted for consideration by the Municipal Council.

For additional background, see the following:

Download a synopsis of public comments & responses here (PDF, 150 kb).
Newark Riverfront Progress Report, August 2010
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