Scenes from May 25 Ironbound riverfront walkshop

Dire weather reports and cloudy skies failed to keep a band of Newark riverfront walkers away from today’s hard hat tour.

IboundTour  IboundTour2
Between Penn Station and Chapel Street, the group took in the osprey rook (orange platform in center distance)…

…and pondered traffic re-engineering Raymond Blvd to balance needs of pedestrian park-goers and drivers.

IboundTour9  IboundTour4
A quick look around the construction site of the city’s second segment of riverfront park included its orange boardwalk…


Planting has been done only in last few weeks. These are river birch trees.  IboundTour8  IboundTour3
Assembleyman Albert Coutinho inspected the premises.

Former Market Street Gas Works, currently being remediated by PSE&G, perhaps a future extension of riverfront park.

This tour was organized by Newark Riverfront Revival and Ironbound Community Corporation with support from an Urban Waters Small Grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency.


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