EPA announces Passaic River clean-up & 5/7/14 Newark Public Hearing


On April 11, 2014, at Newark Riverfront Park’s Orange Boardwalk, the US Environmental Protection Agency announced its long-awaited cleanup plan for the lower eight miles of the Passaic River. The proposal includes bank-to-bank dredging of the river and the removal of 4.3 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment. As per Superfund law, the clean-up will be funded by the companies responsible for the pollution. Newarkers and others have advocated for the river clean-up for decades; this announcement brings the dream of a clean, safe, and healthy river another step closer to reality.

On Wednesday, May 7, the US Environmental Protection Agency will hold the first of three public hearings on the proposed clean-up of the Passaic River. All are invited to learn more about the proposed clean-up and offer their thoughts and feedback to the federal government.

The hearing will begin with a brief presentation by the federal government followed by spoken comments from the public, which will be limited to two minutes. EPA will also accept written testimony. For more information please visit ourpassaic.org.

Everyone who cares about the future of the Passaic and its neighboring communities should attend!

Passaic Clean-Up Public Hearing
Wednesday, May 7, 7 pm
Portuguese Sports Club, 55 Prospect Street, Newark, NJ 07105

Learn more!

“Judith Enck, regional administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who made the cleanup announcement at a riverfront park in Newark, said the Passaic has been plagued by pollution for far too long. ‘We’ve studied this for years. The river communities have suffered for long enough,’ she said.” 
“Massive, $1.7 billion environmental cleanup of Passaic River proposed by EPA,” Star-Ledger, 4/11/14.

“The E.P.A.’s plan is ambitious, necessary, long overdue and definitely good news for those who believe that humans should again enjoy this once-thriving waterway.”
“A Cleanup Plan for a Toxic River,” New York Times, 4/15/14.

EPA Fact Sheet: An Overview of the Problems (PDF download)
EPA Fact Sheet:  Overview of EPA’s Cleanup Proposal (PDF download)
EPA Proposed Plan for Cleanup of the Lower Eight Miles of the Passaic River (PDF download)
EPA Superfund website
Lower Passaic River Restoration Project website

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