Dance Stories on the River Dazzles at Newark Riverfront Park!

Newark Riverfront Revival was thrilled to have hosted our 1st Annual dance production in association with Dance Mogul Magazine, entitled “Dance Stories on the River” on Saturday, August 15th at Newark Riverfront Park.

Performers showcased their talents in a wide variety of styles from all over the world in celebration of dance culture. Special thanks to Mindlezz Thoughtz Team Rocket, Rahway Dance Theater, David Campos Kizomba, Scarlette, Zest Collective, Mystic India, Maurice Chestnut, & Storyboard P for an incredible day of dance on the river. 

Here are just a few photos of the day, courtesy of Dance Mogul Magazine, check back soon for some video highlights!

dance1 dance2 dance3 dance4 dance5 dance6 dance7 dance8 dance9 dance10 dance11 dance12 dance13

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