Newark Riverfront Park Awarded the EPA’s Smart Growth Award for 2015!

Newark Riverfront Revival is proud to announce that we were one of three national winners of the EPA’s National Award for Smart Growth Achievement for 2015! Congrats to all the residents, organizations, institutions, designers, patrons and contributors who have helped to to make Newark Riverfront Park a beautiful public space for all residents of the city. 

Here is the statement from the EPA:

Riverfront Park fulfills a decades-long movement to reclaim the Passaic riverfront for the people of Newark, New Jersey. Situated on the site of a former metal smelting plant, the park is becoming an integral part of the community’s identity and activity, hosting events and festivals and giving thousands of people a place to walk, bike, relax, and play. An inclusive design process guided decision-making throughout development. The park is expected to attract economic development, particularly to downtown Newark.

EPA created the National Award for Smart Growth Achievement in 2002 to recognize exceptional approaches to development that protect the environment, encourage economic vitality, and enhance quality of life. In the past 13 years, 62 winners from 26 states have shown a variety of approaches that states, regions, cities, suburbs, and rural communities can use to create economically strong, environmentally responsible development. EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities manages the awards program.

For more information about smart growth, go to
For more about EPA:

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