Monthly Archives: February 2009

Newark Riverfront 3000 progresses

The Newark Riverfront 3000 team has made steady progress in preparation for their exhibition next month.

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The Riverfront at the State of the City

Tonight Mayor Cory Booker, in his annual State of the City address, announced:

Our city is a waterfront city but for too long we have talked about doing a park on our river’s edge but failed to deliver. At long last, we will create Joseph Minish Park – we will soon start, and over time, finish Minish, beginning with a stretch of several acres of green space and boat dock along the Passaic River.

In the Star-Ledger, the boat dock made the leed:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s third state-of-the-city address tonight envisions a 24-hour downtown with 700 additional housing units in two high-rises and an added Seton Hall Law School dorm, the city’s first recreational boat dock in half a century, and the state’s first community court for low-level offenders.